How RevMob does payments

Payment Details

We pay on a Net 45 basis, that is, 45 days after the end of each calendar month. We send the payments automatically on a monthly basis. Example: June revenue will be paid on August, 15th, July revenue will be paid on September, 15th and so on.

The minimum amount for bank wires is now $250 and a $25 fee will be applied by RevMob for any bank wire. You may be charged other fees on top of that depending on your bank. If you want, you can choose to receive your money only when a certain amount (higher than $250) is reached, therefore paying less fees. In order to do that, email us at

For Paypal transfers, RevMob won’t collect any fees, and you’ll only have to pay the standard Paypal fees. The minimum is $50. If you want a higher minimum, email us at

The new minimum amount and fee for wire transfers have been displayed since November, 14th, 2012 and both will go into effect on December, 15th, 2012.