“Students who were unlikely to do well on the basic skills test or who demonstrated little or no success with any kind of school work whatsoever. So what were these students doing with their free time? They were accessing and utilizing any and all forms of 21st century technology with the greatest of ease! They were using computers. They were surfing the internet. They were programming iPods and using cell phones and accessing complicated menus. (At least I thought of them as complicated) They were reading directions, or listening to others who were tutoring them, on how to use these devises and then remembering what they had learned and putting that knowledge to practical use. Imagine that?! They were texting each other with lightning speed in a shorthand language that resembled ancient hieroglyphics more than it did modern day English.”

“They had all of the skills necessary and needed to access and use the technology of the future by the time they were 10 or 11 years old…maybe even sooner. And they are being called to enter a brave new world by a Pied Piper that many adults just aren’t hearing and where they are becoming the new and improved children of the porn.

I call them this because what is it that they are doing with their skills of the future? Are they using them to create new and better technology? Do many of them even understand how the technology works? No, they are simply accessing and using the technology. And boy do they know how to access and use! They are texting and blogging and tweeting mindless gossip and sarcasm and rumor. They are shopping on-line and perusing merchandise, accessing social networks like My Space and Facebook where they post photos and comment on photos and look at more photos. They visit porn sites and create their own porn, download music, watch videos, check sports scores, place bets. They are doing just about everything there is to do of “NO LITERARY OR ARTISTIC VALUE OTHER THAN TO STIMULATE DESIRE” and it sure beats what we have to offer in school doesn’t it: Pencils and paper, books and chalkboards, writing and penmanship? And constant testing to prove that you can use these archaic tools.”

Children of the Porn