“The feminist movement resulted in dumber schoolchildren. Early in the last century, teaching was one of the few jobs available to women that didn’t involve cleaning, cooking, or other menial labor. In 1940, 55% of all college-educated females workers in their early 30s were employed as teachers.

As more and more women entered the fields of law, medicine, finance, science, and so on, resulted in a “brain drain” for schoolteachers. There are many excellent teachers still today, but according to cited research the overall teacher skill level and quality of instruction has declined over time. Between 1967 and 1980, U.S. test scores fell by the equivalent of about 1.25 grade levels.

David Says:
June 29th, 2011 at 5:44 am
Woah… I was with you until the last one. Perhaps it hit too close to home. Maybe there is more in the book, but it seems hard to prove that feminism resulted in less quality teachers thus making dumber school children. There are myriads of factors that could and do impact that, nor is there good research now and certainly wasn’t good research then to compare student success.

There is one way that feminism clearly impacted education, but it has nothing to do with a teacher brain drain. Now that women are more likely to be working out of the house, the child has lost the stability and the benefits to a steady nurturing and supportive parent at home. Furthermore these working women now have a sense of guilt of abandoning their children which leads to them entitling and spoiling them (meet the new mom Mrs. DS) …a huge issue for the modern teacher.”