“Maislos contrasts the culture and expectations at Apple with those of Intel, which had previously invested $32 million in Anobit during an earlier financing round, noting that Apple’s return from the brink of bankruptcy in the late 1990s has instilled expectations of excellence that simply don’t exist at Intel.
While Intel engineers are given assignments and are rewarded for ingenuity and creativity, he said, it’s a given at Apple that engineers will be at the top of their game. “At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone. Apple expects everything you do to be amazing.

“That is not the case at Intel, where no one expects you to be ‘amazing’,” said Maislos, although Intel does reward those who give their “A+ game”.
Maislos went on to note that Apple is extremely focused on its goals, demanding much more personal excellence than Intel or perhaps any other tech company.”