“What I’ve found is that the more time you spend outside, the wider the range of comfortable temperatures becomes for you. For example, if I spend a lot of the winter inside (which I typically do), the early spring can often leave me feeling uncomfortable with temperatures much outside a narrow range.

However, the more time I spend outside, the more that range widens. I get used to the variety of temperatures that being outside gives me, with the varying temperatures between shade and sunlight and the changes in temperature throughout the day.

This is advantageous in another way. Many outdoor activities are inexpensive or free. Going on walks. Going to the park with my children. Coaching youth soccer. Planting our garden. Playing games in the yard with the children.

So, not only are outdoor activities a great way for me to spend time frugally, they also help me enjoy a greater variety of indoor temperatures, which reduces my use of the furnace and the air conditioner, which reduces my energy bill and extends the life of those devices.

The end result? We’re saving about $50 per month (on average) on reduced energy bills simply because we’re spending more time outside and leaving the windows open much more often.”