Kyle Myers of FPSRussia isn’t actually Russian apparently.

“FPSRussia is a youtube channel of a person, also known as FPSKyle, making videos of himself shooting real guns at targets such as water jugs, fruit and vegetables, and manikins while using a very convincing Russian accent and wearing shirts that usually say something about Russians.
Hello, my friends, it is FPSRussia again, and today…

Our target is going to have a very bad day

Don’t try this at home, I’m a professional Russian

Have a nice day!”

“Kyle Lamar Myers is a YouTube User and Internet Celebrity. He is mostly known for his character “Dimitri Potapoff” better known by his screen name FPSRussia, who shoots targets with various weapons in his family farm in Georgia.
Kyle originally ran a YouTube Channel named “klm5986” in which he did commentaries while playing first person shooters, usually Call of Duty, under the screen name FPSKyle. Later, he wanted to demonstrate how guns work too and how they compare to the video games, movies, TV shows, and other media. He got the idea of a Russian accent from a Russian co-worker while he was working at a car dealership. He used the accent to create the character we all now know as Dimitri who shoots at targets(being zombie mannequins, sodas, or pictures of Justin Bieber) with various guns on his family farm. Eventually he starts another YouTube account called FPSRussia in which he even makes more videos on the series, as well as some FPSKyle videos and even some FPSRussia commentaries. After his new persona and popularity of his gun videos, most of his commentaries were either removed or made private. His oldest video with this account, “THE RETURN OF FPSRussia,” shows the Dimitri character at some of his best. The video has almost 2 million views and over 44,000 likes.”