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  • intelliot 1:21 am on January 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: inspiration, reject, , Steven Spielberg, University of Southern California, USC   

    Steve Spielberg was rejected from USC three times.

    Never let rejection get you down. Similarly, if you see someone get rejected, never let that lower your opinion of them.


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    Interesting ad networks:

    Idea: invitation-only app ad network in this style

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    Tags: climb, excited, , inspiration, , lists, mountain, , purpose, reasoning, watching   

    Ask yourself, “If no one was watching, would I still do this?” If the answer is no, you might need to step back and ask yourself why you’re doing all of this in the first place.

    it gets very easy to get caught up in doing more & more things “just because”, instead of doing them because I’m genuinely excited about doing them.

    Climb A Mountain, Tell No One
    Go pick something on your list. Anything.
    Go do it.
    Struggle through, suck less, get past any obstacles in your way and just freakin’ do it.
    And then…do something novel…
    Tell No One*.
    Don’t tweet about it. Don’t blog about it. Don’t write about it all over facebook.
    Don’t tell your girlfriend, your mom, your boss, your brother. Anyone.
    Resist the urge to tell somebody about it and gain some ancillary approval. You don’t need it.
    Do it for you.
    You can run a 5k, jump out of a plane, go bungee jumping, run your first race, learn to juggle, help someone out, learn to play an instrument, or face a lifelong fear. The activity itself doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s personal and meaningful to you and you do it for yourself.

    Climb A Mountain, Tell No One

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    Tags: careers, inspiration, , jobs, possibilities, potential   

    Interesting careers I might like to try:

    • Event Planner (Meeting / Convention Planner)
    • Psychologist
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    Tags: , , answer, inspiration, , reddit, response,   

    “I wouldn’t worry about it. Do your best. Do what’s interesting to you and do it well, and if you don’t get in, it’s their loss.” -iamamonkey

  • intelliot 1:32 am on January 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , bankruptcy, , excellence, inspiration, Intel, MacRumors,   

    “Maislos contrasts the culture and expectations at Apple with those of Intel, which had previously invested $32 million in Anobit during an earlier financing round, noting that Apple’s return from the brink of bankruptcy in the late 1990s has instilled expectations of excellence that simply don’t exist at Intel.
    While Intel engineers are given assignments and are rewarded for ingenuity and creativity, he said, it’s a given at Apple that engineers will be at the top of their game. “At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone. Apple expects everything you do to be amazing.

    “That is not the case at Intel, where no one expects you to be ‘amazing’,” said Maislos, although Intel does reward those who give their “A+ game”.
    Maislos went on to note that Apple is extremely focused on its goals, demanding much more personal excellence than Intel or perhaps any other tech company.”

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    Tags: factsack.com, inspiration, Melissa Sander, , the grape lady, viral video,   

    Billy Cheeks says:
    MARCH 25, 2012 AT 5:35 AM
    “Melissa Sander: don’t quit your passion over this. Of course it was painful and embarrassing for you at the time and long after, but that is because you chose to make it so. If you don’t care, people won’t laugh at you anymore. A person who can laugh off their biggest mistakes will always win back the admiration of their peers. I admit, I laughed until it hurt when I saw this video. But I don’t think any less of you as a person as a result. Who hasn’t done something stupid? We are all humans. Stephen Hawking goes to strip clubs. People who take themselves too seriously miss out on a large part of life. I’m sad to read this event made you reclusive. You should not allow embarrassment to dictate your decisions in life. Who cares what people think! It’s no fun making fun of somebody who finds their flaws funny as well. And think of it this way: millions of people know you and got pleasure from you. That’s more than 95% of the world will ever achieve.”

  • intelliot 10:37 pm on January 5, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: App Empire, Chad Mureta, grow, inspiration, push,   

    Everybody wants to grow. … I’m constantly aggressive. Push the envelope. I want to do the next biggest thing. I enjoy that. I enjoy that a lot.

    Chad Mureta
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    Tags: , Amazon, , Chris, inspiration, , to-read   

    The $100 Startup

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